[F/d][M/d] My wife and I witnessed a couple have sex with their daughter and we later joined them. AMA.

Hiya. This is our story….well, some of it. I met the woman who would become my wife at the age of 28. She wasn’t my first, nor was I hers. She has four daughters from her first husband, all aged now between 50 – 30ish (I think). I have no children of my own. During the course of our relationship, we decided to be totally frank, open and honest about ourselves with each other. During those conversations, we discovered that we both mutually enjoyed, amongst other things, the idea of parental incest. Both she and I were (or had been when they were alive) attracted to our parents in a very sexual way; we both wanted to fuck and be fucked by our Mum and Dads. During my upbringing, my parents had been very open about their bodies. Nudity wasn’t frowned on or seen to be anything to be ashamed about. Nude sunbathing together with them was a regular thing. Both Mum & Dad are ‘touchy feely’ people – they would rub sunscreen over each other in front of me, and Mum would apply it (all over) to me in front of Dad. I didn’t see that as abnormal. I would sometimes get a hard on – which they’d both gently joke and laugh about, to put me at ease, I suppose. But that’s as far as it would go. I would catch them fucking sometimes, and if I could get away with it unseen, I’d watch (and wank).

My wife says that her Mum and Dad were quite similar to this – very open and at ease with bodies, etc. She saw her parents ‘in bed’ and would watch through the crack in the door if she could get away with it. Her first sexual experience was with a school friend (a farmer’s daughter) on their farm, one summers school holiday. They got naked in a barn in the hay – and she saw the friend’s father watching them as they started kissing, etc. She didn’t say anything and let him keep watching as they played with each other. My first experience was with a man – a much older man, with a much bigger cock. I wanted to be fucked – and that’s what I let him do to me. If you want more details of our firsts – we can give them to you. I have to say that writing that was quite difficult……. It actually made me start shaking. Trying to put these experiences into writing / text is quite a proposition. Keeping the thread going without wandering all over the place…….is hard! As I grew older, I began to experience an intense desire to become intimate with my parents. I can only describe it as this: An overwhelming need to experience a complete, absolute, totally honest expression of feelings and emotions and physical needs – expressed through sexuality and a close and loving physical intimacy. My wife (I’m paraphrasing) felt the same way, especially about her father. She would flirt, touch, look, talk to him a way that told him exactly what she was thinking, and wanted. She would do things – ‘accidentally’ being caught in a towel after a bath, bending over in front of him ‘accidentally’ flashing her knickers, etc. When this failed, she took it further, and would lift her blouse to show him her tits. Much to her disappointment – he would only ever look and compliment her boobs. With a hard on! She became sexually active as a teen – and got pregnant by her first boyfriend at the age of 16. She tells me she feels attracted to one of her daughters. They are very close – and open – about all aspects of their lives, including their love lives. We had a dirty video, and one of the women in it looked just like her daughter. She would watch it and imagine that she was fucking her daughter. She’s told me that if her daughter ever asked to go to bed with her, then she would. She fantasizes that I’m either fucking her in front of her daughter, or that she’s fucking her daughter in front of me. I fantasize that my Dad fucks me while I fuck my Mum. My wife says (and she told me when she had it) to tell you this: I had a dream once: I dreamt that Me and Bill were in bed with Bill’s M&D; Bill’s was on his knees, with his Dad standing at the edge of the bed, fucking him up the arse from behind with his big stiff cock (wife’s words) while his Mum made me lie on my back with my legs wide apart, and she licked my pussy while we both watched them boys fucking. Phew! I’m all written out, for now. There is much more, if you like. (As you can imagine!) Needless to say – We both fantasise about you all, and every possible permutation of who’s doing what to whom, when, how and with what! When I read her your story & posts, she told me to tell you that she especially liked the DP & rough(er) Father / Daughter fucking…..She enjoys hair pulling, bum slapping, etc! That’s enough for now!

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