Monday Megathread! Ask questions and share knowledge; newcomer questions encouraged!

Supporting tips I was a plat 5 support at one point in my life. :p

-First item Sight stone the wards and 200 hp are amazing it'll save you a lot of money.

-Switch your trinket out for the sweeping lens and upgrade it at level 9!

-If the enemy laners are dead or recalling to base and you find yourself sitting around doing nothing. Go get deepish vision in the enemy jungle look for gank opportunities mid duo ganking mid with a jungler is an easy way to snowball your mid laner.

-If you are behind don't go for mobis, go for CDR boots. The cdr boots gives you the ability to peel better and make more plays and is overall more cost effective since you won't be really roaming that much except for vision.

-Wards wards wards wards! Whether you're getting vision for your team or denying vision of the enemy. Use your red lens on cool down especially if you're trying to set up vision for neutral objectives or pushing turrets.

-The first wave and the first 3 melee minions of the next wave is enough to get you level two.

-Understand that sometimes early levels the enemy laner is going to be stronger and avoiding fights and waiting for items and/or pressure from your team is what you want to do.

-If the enemy mid laner is gone and you don’t have enough vision to see down the river. Expect the very real possibility that you’re getting ganked and tell your AD to play passive until the mid laner shows and you re-establish vision.

-Buy pinks! Pinks can be the best gold you’ve ever spent. you place it in the banana bushes in the river right beside the death brushes in my experience they tend to last the longest and give you vision of a huge choke point.

That’s all I can really think of for right now. I’m sure there’s tons of stuff I missed. Any questions I’ll do my best to answer. Help me help you love supporting as much as I do. (cheesey line pls)

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