[F4M] 20 year old college student in Champaign, IL

Saw your post. Not so sure you're looking for a backstory, but I'm a relatively lonely person. I've always had friends, but I never really feel like they particularly care about me. It's made me somewhat of an introvert until I get to know someone. Because of my shyness, I've never really had any luck with girls either. Typically lonely life: Go out a lot with the people who I do consider friends, but I feel like I'm sort of just there. They're more or less drinking buddies as opposed to friends. Anyways...

Back to what I was saying with girls. The shyness doesn't help, but the killer is my lack of self confidence. I know I'm not attractive and I've never gotten any real attention from girls. I am very out of shape, though I am working on it. I do not have much money almost ever which I know some people are attracted to. I feel I just sort of strike out in this section. The thing I hate to mention because it's embarrassing for me, though it most probably plays a role in this, is I have a below average penis (~3.5 inches erect). I've worried that if I were to do anything with a girl, they would just laugh. Because of all that, I've never done anything sexual through 21 years of age. That's the rundown of why I thought I'd give this a try. I just finished with my hardest and 3rd to last semester of college and just want to try something new.

Aside from all that. It seems like we've got at least one thing in common. I play video games in basically all my free time that isn't spent at the bar. Actually, I've been typing this up on my phone between matches of Halo. Anyways, just thought I'd give it a shot. I know you mentioned you're okay with sending pictures if we ask, and if possible, could I see some? Any preferred method to talk if you want? I leave Friday and work tomorrow but I'm up late nights now if that fits.

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