[WP] I can't believe all this shit started over a bag of Doritos.

There I am, ankle deep in slush looking for a kid I don't want found. I told that fucker, "Chew with you mouth closed, or I'll bury you in the Arboretum." I guess He thought it was all a joke. Ha jokes on me. Will my life ever improve? Up all night struggling through cold mud and worse. Damn perennial grasses have some tough roots. I should not have chosen the tall grass prairie section, it took all night to dig that meager grave when I should have been studying. When I got home with the dawn, the people from my block were all gathered on the corner. I step out of the car and all eyes turn to me. I can hear the blood rushing through my ears, casually I sip my cold coffee from twelves hours before doing my best to pretend it is hot. I can only pray the damn neighbor's parents think I just woke up. "Oh little Rex is lost and they found blood outside the OP." "I'm sure he'll be fine." I say as I hide my dirty fingernails in the pockets of my jeans. " Dane County Sheriff and MPD arrive on the scene shortly thereafter and I take the chance to rush inside and change into clean clothes. The buzz outside my house keeps growing and I can't bear to stay inside. Out into the morning light to sow disbelief and apathy to hide the tracks I made. I don't know how they find out so fast. One second Im preaching boys will be boys and lets all go inside and get some rest, next we're carpooling 7 in a car the 5 blocks to the south gate and we're combing the park. We fan out ten paces between us and we crisscross everything. We did the frozen marshes, we worked our way up Arboretum Drive. We're in the Lost City Forest now and its about 2pm. Surely we're going to move past Teal Pond and into Curtis Prairie before sundown. Even an hour ago this place didn't seem so small. Sure its 1200 acres but we've covered about half that. I carpooled here, I can't just leave. There I am, ankle deep in slush looking for a kid I don't want found. And to think if Rex had just had a quieter snack than a bag of Doritos, I'd be in a pretty good place right now.

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