This is the face of a terrorist: White people must understand the damage done by group blame that follows other terror attacks

I think you’re confusing white people in the media/positions of power who’s voices you hear as a representation with actual human beings who have understood for a long time that people are just people. I dont care what color a person is, if they send bombs to a fed ex facility and five other places purely to get their jollies, they are a fucking terrorist. I’m not a huge fan of the whole “white people need to...” line of thinking. It’s just a different form of group blaming. How about we talk to each other as humans and not members of a separate race. That creates unnecessary tension, and can do way more harm than good. This is a human issue. It affects us all, and we can all learn something from this. What we learn depends largely on how we view our place in this. If a certain group feels attacked, it makes them more inclined to not listen and immediately put up a wall, making any further attempts to have any sort of productive discourse completely useless.

I understand where this kind of thinking comes from, don’t get me wrong. I just think there’s a better way to go about it. Instead of white, or black, or gay, or homeless, how about just “people need to learn..”

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