What celebrity can you simply not stand, even if everyone else likes them?

Adele. I used to think her singing was strained (not bad, not out of tune) and, lo and behold, she required surgery for a benign polyp.

She also cancelled her residency... because there 'was no soul in it'? Or because of covid-19? Or was it her relationship? Can't seem to make up her mind.

How about that time wearing Jamaican attire and Bantu knots for a Caribbean festival? Appropriation or because she was "baptised" at GoldenEye?

Also, the fan base is a cesspool, I can personally attest to that after getting online abuse. I merely wondered whether the pressing of her album had caused other artists to wait. They made it clear that no, that apparently wasn't the case, only after resorting to name-calling and racist stereotypes.

At first she seemed quirky, ordinary and funny... but I honestly don't know anymore. She sings great, sure, but that's all good that I'm going to say about her for now.

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