Finally learning how to drive! Any tips and suggestions?

It's always interesting how different the things are. In Germany it's allowed to and not uncommon that police pulls you over without any suspicion. Usually they have a reason to (initiated by the question "do you know why we stopped you?") but that's not a requirement. And if they pull you over they will always ask you for the license and your registration certificate which you better own and carry with you. I got pulled over twice so far. In the first case I was speeding a little and they suspected me to be drunk (which I wasn't), the second time ... erm I managed to ignore their right of way. A clearly marked police car with high-visibility battenburg markings, but coming out of a road which just never comes a car from at 6am... I got a (deserved) bollocking and they followed me through half the city then, but nothing else, luckily.

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