First time a Woman had climbed under 7 seconds in competition

Right, I forgot about the utility aspect of it. That this type of clothing has more utility outside of the cultural context. In the winter I would wear a balaklava so only my eyes would be exposed to the weather. However, when I went inside a building I would take it off.

I thought burqas are normally black so that doesn't help with the sun or weather. If they were white then I would agree.

People say that it's a woman's choice to wear the hijab or burqa but then I see something like video where it doesn't make sense to wear clothing that actively works against you, or in my example above playing tennis in 30 degrees.

That's my main issue. If you are a muslim man you are able to dress appropriately for any circumstance. If you are a muslim woman then you have one outfit for all circumstances no matter how restrictive the clothing is for that circumstance.

Back in high school, one of the girls would wear hear hijab during swim class.

At that point I can't accept that it's just fashion or utility...

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