First year teacher feeling lost. Should I really quit?

I def want to move back home! I hate basically everything about Virginia lol. The warmer weather and slightly cheaper rent is all I like.

What if my evaluation scores are terrible though? These people literally like hate me. I need thick skin to not let them get to me. I’ve never had people be so picky. When I subbed they loved me coming in to cover for special ed teachers and aides. One of the teachers there who has an autistic son wanted me to student teach for special ed with her rather than move here. I should have! In student teaching the principal and my mentor always commented how I had developed great relationships with the kids. Here I have admin telling me the kids talk and don’t listen to me as well as their other teacher because they don’t feel safe in my room.... I flipped out on that admin. Well I sort of told her I thought she was wrong. They feel too comfortable around me and say I’m nice. I was out for one day and came back to messages saying they missed me all over the boards. I understand I need to go in strict and then loosen up if I teach again, but these guys just think I’m nice and well I want them to like school and not be afraid of their teacher. They’re not afraid of me. I took what admin said to heart here and I don’t believe them because throughout my years working with kids I’ve only had compliments on my abilities to work and connect with kids. These admin seriously just do not like me and if hurts so much. I tried so hard not to but cried in my evaluation meeting. Like I don’t think I’m as bad as they think from spending like a total of 45 minutes in my room throughout the year. Sorry your pacing guide sucks and is confusing therefore I’m sometimes confused. Sorry I’m more laid back and into connecting with humans rather than scaring them or playing games pretending to be someone I’m not. I was calling parents by their first name if they sign their emails that way and admin makes me down for that. My mentor literally wrote an email and addressed a parent by their first name, so why can’t I? Oh that’s right, they seriously just hate me.

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