Yea I used the wrong accept. My bad, good thing you pointed it out though! But you can generalize liberals/democrats as a whole but don’t generalize me. I accepted those results at face value when it happened was never a #notmypresident type person, I didn’t like him but he was. Facts. I see why people voted for trump in 2016, I didn’t, but I absolutely understand why.

But this is something else. Arguments of voter fraud are getting shot down left and right in courts because they are baseless. I understand most fiscal conservative view points. Hell my entire family is military and I am the black sheep the (legally) sells weed for a living. But this is over (at least for the results you want). Try again in 2024 with a less racist, xenophobic, homophobic, pro-life (which is absolutely hilarious for trump) asshole and you have yourself a candidate. Hell I might even vote Republican if it’s the right person. Not about the party, it’s about the person.

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