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Question : How to evolve characters? There are 2 evolutions, which one should I choose?

Answer : You can evolve characters by tapping crew then evolve. You can choose any characters you want to evolve, if you have the available materials, it will glow with yellow border. Sometimes there are 2 paths to evolve characters, basically for the starting characters like Zoro, Sanji, Nami and Usopp, all of them have 2 paths but those 2 versions can be evolved into the ultimate version. Usopp should always be evolved into Golden Pound and stop, do not evolve him into Sogeking because Golden Pound is better than Sogeking.

Zoro and Sanji both will have their best stat on the ultimate version Ashura Ichibugin and Diable Jambe Flambe. The evolution path using 2 materials will get you a weaker version compared to the one using a crab. Weaker version will only need lvl 35 to be evolved into the ultimate version, but it will need a pirate penguin. Stronger version will need lvl 50 to be evolved and will not need any pirate penguin. Pirate penguin itself is pretty hard to get but there's a pirate penguin island every Wednesday. If you want to save those turtles for other characters, you can go with the weaker version, and get a pirate penguin for the evolution. If you feel getting a pirate penguin is hard you can go with the stronger version.

Nami can be evolved into Tornado tempo and Mirage tempo and both can be evolved into Thunderbolt Nami. Mirage tempo has a good special, which is block 1 INT atk. This special can be pretty good against int bosses, such as Rainbow Dragon. Some people prefer to keep Mirage Tempo Nami and not evolving her further because of that and the fact that in the future there will be better int characters and Thunderbolt Nami won't be used at all.

Question : Where to farm evolution materials?

Answer : You can find them HERE or HERE

Question : What are cotton candies and transponder snails?

Answer :

Team Building Q&A

Question : This is my box, what team should I make?

Answer : You can find the Team Building in depth-guide Here

Question : Can I use two of the same name character on my team if they’re different versions?

Answer : No, you can only use only 1 version of a character in your team, for example you can only use 1 Luffy in your team. You can't use Gear 3 luffy and Gear 2 Luffy in the same team.

Account Q&A

Question : How do I save my account? Is it important to save it?

Answer : Others > Change Device > Issue Password > Issue Passwords for your account will last up to a week, and in all honesty, taking a minute out of your day to make sure your account is safe is well worth it. Would you rather be in a situation where your data is wiped or corrupted and you have to wait for support to maybe restore your account? Or, would you rather plug in the numbers for your restore code and be on your (Going) merry way within seconds?

Events Q&A

Question : What are the events available on the game?

Answer :

  1. Sugofest

    This event usually occurs every month. On sugofest, you can get sugofest exclusive units from rare recruit which are usually 6 star. For now the only unit available on Sugofest is Whitebeard. There will be more units available on future sugofest. Usually on sugofest there will be also increase rate on some units. This is the only time you should be spending your Rainbow Gems for rare recruit.

  2. Double success exp rate up

    Sometimes during powering up characters, you can get a super success, which will give you 1.5x exp. This event will double the rate of the super success happening, so if you see an announcement of double super success, save your turtles and use them on this event.

  3. Double special lvl up chance

    On this event, there will be 2x chance of leveling up character's special.

  4. Extra Island Event

    There will be a special extra island available, and on this isle you can fight a particular characters and get him/her to drop. There are 2 types of extra island : Fortnight Islands and 24 hours special island. Both will be available again in the future, so if you missed one, it will come back eventually. You can find the list of extra island event HERE on the right side of the page.

  5. Half stamina, double drop rate, double beli

    These events occur throughout the week, you can find the complete info HERE

  6. Friend Points Pull Event

    On this event you can get better result from doing pulls using friend points, usually turtles and evolvers instead of low level fodders.

Question : When is x event happening?

Answer : No one knows until it's announced by the developer. You can predict when a specific event gets released in global by checking the Japanese event database located HERE.

Question : When is (insert type here) rate up? Answer : The current pattern is: QCK, DEX, PSY, STR, INT. Each one of these last exactly 2 weeks.

Drop Q&A

Question : What is cola and where to farm it?

Answer : Cola is used to upgrade your ship. The complete list of ships can be found HERE. You can farm cola anywhere, if you get a chest after defeating an enemy, it will contain either cola or skillbooks. The best way to farm cola is to spend your stamina on half stamina event on story mode that has a lot of stages, for example : Arlong Park 10, Loguetown 10, Twin Cape 10, Whiskey Peak 10 and Little Garden 10.

Question : What is skillbook and where to farm it?

Answer : Skillbooks are used to upgrade specific character's special. Upgrading their special will reduce the turns needed to charge that special. Skillbooks can be farmed on extra island event. Each extra island event will have specific skillbooks drop.

Friend game Q&A

Question : What is friend game and how to do it?

Answer : You can find a complete answer by u/milkthetank Here

Efficiency Q&A

Question : What is the best way to level up my player level?

Answer : You can check the best exp/stam ratio HERE. The best exp/stam currently are :

Stage EXP/Stam ratio
Nanohana Chapter 14 on 1/2 stamina 249.5
Hina Expert 190
Lucci Expert 183
Hina Elite 167
Mihawk Master 165
Whiskey Peak chapter 15 on 1/2 Stamina 136
Twin Cape chapter 10 on 1/2 Stamina 136
Logue Town chapter 12 on 1/2 Stamina 136
Little Garden chapter 15 on 1/2 Stamina 135

Question : What is the best way to earn beli?

Answer : You should farm Golden Cave on Saturday/Sunday.

Question What is the best team to farm turtle?

Answer : The most generic team to easily farm turtle is Marine tandem team. Go HERE and search for Absolute Justice Hammer. The marines can be easily found throughout Loguetown. You can also use :

  1. Double Marco with fullbody. Fullbody special is used to defeat the elder turtle, while normal attacks will defeat all other turtles, marco being PSY also helps a lot vs INT turtles.

  2. Double Monster Chopper with fullbody. Same as double marco, but can deal with other color turtles, just need fullbody for the elder.

  3. Double Shanks with fullbody. Same as double marco but less ATK damage.

  4. Double G3 with fullbody. G3 team will easily defeat baby and teen turtles.

  5. Double Mihawk with fullbody. Need Shanks / Vivi to defeat the teen turtles.

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