Fresh hands sanitizer!

Thank you, I can get with that. Reddit has a mechanic for sarcasm. Just use a /s at the end of the comment. I will tell you firsthand that not everyone is going to know what the /s is but they can google it and figure it out pretty quickly if they’re curious. I’m not telling you what to do but it makes a world of difference. Take for example, someone makes a post involving the circle game which has recently gotten some attention from people who don’t understand the game and have conflated it with signaling white supremacy.

I could comment:

That’s racist

Whomever sees this is going to think I’m on board with the idea that the circle game is indeed racist

Or I could comment:

That’s racist /s

Whomever sees this, provided they understand the /s, will see that I’m just poking fun at recent media saying that the circle game is racist

I’m not trying to treat our conversation like a ELI5 post, but I thought it would be helpful to explain myself as well.

Normally I would just cut my losses and delete a post that’s getting downvoted and tell myself “Hey they didn’t get it, no biggy, im not gonna stress” remove it, and move on. But this past couple months has had an affect on everyone and not in a positive way. For Christ sake... this week someone shot up the mall I live 10 minutes away from, check it out Glendale mall shooting. (I’d post a link but I’m on mobile right now) I know shootings are somewhat common place in the US but lately everything feels different and more tense when you have to leave the house. Glad we both stuck around to understand each other. Stay safe, man

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