How will my life be effected outside the army

It depends what you want to do and the specifics of your situation. It may prevent you from federal employment, which may prevent you from working for state and local government agencies. It may also prevent you from working with company with a federal contract. Think of how many companies and organizations the military itself feeds. It can really screw your life up.

But, here is what will happen. Probably not a lot. I have known plenty of federal employees who have punitive measures on their records. Very few that I have seen have been severely affected, and they were the extremely specialized career people who screwed themselves and it was apparent. I know a civilian police captain with guilty court martial. It all depends on the details you left out, such as founded, unfounded, was the GOMAR related or seperate. How laughable, pissing on the CGs yard, repeated fighting, or something worse. But somewhere between screwed and just a memory.

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