A friend went missing last week. EZ Pass activity shows him near Pittsburgh. Help us find him!

What's your point? He doesn't have to do the job or do it well because he doesn't get paid? He volunteered. He can unvolunteer if it's an imposition on his life.

/u/catskul typically does a fine job, but I have to call him out on the weak-sauce reasoning he gave for removing my post about a woman seeking info that could lead to her birth mother in the area. There was nothing in that post that was against reddit TOS or this sub's rules. He just took it down because he felt like it for some reason that day. I don't think that post was any different from every missing person post before or since, nor do I think it was any less important or germane than every lost animal post before or since.

I think we can have a nice sub here without having to endure countless where-should-I-live? what-should-I-do-when-I-visit? here-is-my-version-of-the-same-skyline-picture-we-see-a-thousand-times! lost/found animal! cyclists-suck! posts we see here every day. It's also not too much to ask, I think, to have a little logical consistency when it comes to a missing person post. You can suggest that a typical missing person post is more newsworthy or urgent or at least more sensational than a looking-for-information-about-a-birthmother post, but the birthmother post is decidedly equivalent to (or I'd argue far more important than) the parade of lost/found animal posts here.

I made my point at the time and he disagreed. I simply chose today to point out to him, again, that there have been repeated posts about other types of missing persons, and even more posts about missing animals, that junk up the sub. I don't care if you lost your cat. I don't care if you found a dog. I really don't care if some dude split Dodge and ain't looking back and now we gotta talk about it because his EZ Pass touched a corner of Allegheny County and the mod thinks it's an emergency.

I can ignore these posts just like everyone else who doesn't care does, but it occasionally burns me up that /u/catskul thinks that one single post about a human looking for someone is less valid than a post about someone looking for an animal over and over and over. And let's not get started about every blackout drunk that falls into the Mon and turns up months later.

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