Frito-Lay Workers Go on Strike with Some Claiming They Face 84-Hour Work Weeks

Thought this was about the Cambridge, Ontario plant at first, after reading the headline. I am not surprised in the least that the work culture is shit throughout.

I've heard nothing but bad things about Pepsico foods. Had a buddy work his way up to be a Package Machine Operator only to be escorted off the property after he refused to ignore LOTO safety regulations.

LOTO is lock out, tag out. Any time someone is to be near, or inside, the guards of a machine for changeovers, or general maintenance, all sources of energy (mechanical, pneumatic, electric, gravatational, etc.) need to be properly turned off and appropriate measures taken to make sure those energy points cannot be turned on by anyone other than the person who turned them off. PepsiCo had different feelings about this and buddy was constantly harassed not to LOTO as it "wasted too much time to properly lock out the machines while doing changeovers." Finally, one day he was taken to the front office, no union rep allowed, and told he just wasn't what PepsiCo wanted for an operator, fired on the spot. Then Pepsico delayed sending his Record Of Employment for Employment Insurance by three months, just to be spiteful so he couldn't collect EI.

Fuck PepsiCo.

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