Full Subscription Model and Amount of Hatred Sam Receives on this Site

I don't pay any attention to Seder but it's cute that you think Greenwald and the Chapo guys talk about Sam with any regularity at all. They don't give a shit about Sam and no one's here because they read a four year old Greenwald tweet.

I'll admit I don't really know what Seder or the Chapo guys talk about, but when I stalked people who were engaging in a very contentious manner, the Seder and Chapo subreddits often popped up. I never made an exhaustive study of it or anything, so perhaps this was a false association.

None of this is true. I'm a detractor and have consumed almost all of Sam's material - this is also true of most if not all of our famous "detractors".

Fair enough, I'm sure there are "detractors" who listen to every podcast Sam releases, but it's still exhausting to have to deal with on this subreddit. I don't always agree with Harris, but I listen to his podcasts when there are interesting guests. It's not productive to be thrown into a battle between "detractors" and "supporters" when just trying to have a neutral discussion about a random topic brought up on the podcast.

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