I fully believe in supporting small businesses but holy shit Walmart’s prices are good.

This is the real unpopular opinion. I personally do not support small businesses. In modern times, they really aren’t necessary. They are overpriced, rarely do they provide anything that is an absolute necessity, and they take up real estate that could be used for something cool, and their goods and services are often redundant (meaning there are like of the same thing in one shopping center)

For example I live in a small town north of a big city. They are developing a mixed used area by my house. Recently they started building another block with buildings. It was exciting. I was hoping to see like, a Target or some new restaurants or entertainment. But no. Just more nail salons, spas, fitness, a yarn shop, boutique, bicycle shop. Just stuff we don’t really need imo. These places fold up in a year or 2, someone else comes along, rinse repeat.

I’m in America and I don’t like the fact that anyone can just be a business owner because it’s their fantasy to live the American dream, rather than doing it to fill a need in the community. We have too many small businesses imo.

On the same vein, I also hate the products on Shark Tank. Rarely are the ideas innovative, it’s just more useless shit that goes in a landfill, all so some college student can flex their business degree.

Don’t get me started on MLMs and all those people who think they are small business owners.

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