fun fact: : If you find yourself complaining about your teammates a majority of your games, your teammates arent the problem.

Generally agree, aside from when you slid so far down the ranks so far you find yourself constantly waiting on your somehow slow yet still ball chasing teammates to decide to do something other than dry hump each other. Then when you scramble to try to save their horrible misplay and they get toxic at you.

"Oh so sorry, I just barely missed making one of the greatest saves ever. Wasn't expecting a triple pinch off the ceiling into the top right corner of the goal. My bad...I was low on boost from saving another mistake you made 6 seconds ago."

When you slide as bad as I did in this playlist you generally have 1 of 3 games. Teammates just good and reliable enough to stay competitive (Very often goes to OT), teammates so bad they don't even understand how bad they are or are fully tilted (Rarely a win), or instant chemistry with good rotation and passing (Usually a win via forfeit before 3:00 left and you never find them again.)

Grinding solo is strongly not recommended.

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