Stopped playing since July (came back shortly in September). No warmup, this was my 5th ranked game. Skill level dropped too much

I can tell you, I know you want trust me but I genuinely rotated the whole match. My 2 goals came from 2 shots. Basically the only 2 chances I had of going forward. On the other matches I won another 3 and lost one. Got MVP in one, and had to rotate basically the whole match in the other 2. The one I lost was because one of my teammates rage quit after he missed his kick off and my other teammate left too since we didn't have a chance. It's been years that only the SSL tag holds any value anyways, with how much carrying and smurfing there is, it's so easy to get a friend and get him to carry to GC. Never gonna be jealous off a tag when on a match you can see who's the better player. What's the point of having a GC tag if you're gonna get your ass carried by someone that didn't play for over 2 months? I'd be ashamed. I've always played solo and look, the teammates I get are not good. That's one of the main reasons I stayed away from this game.

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