How my first game got 700+ wishlists in its first 2 weeks on Steam - Announcement Postmortem

Forgot to add a TL;DR:

  • No need to wait to have a demo before starting marketing (that way of thinking delayed me a lot)
  • The best community for learning game marketing is the How To Market A Game discord
  • Making personal connections on Twitter with gamedevs/journalists/communities (and using genre-specific hashtags) helped me a lot
  • Making a Steam page with quality art and doing little things to stand out (custom headers, new events) seems to go a long way
  • Don’t announce on a Friday when 3 huge games are coming out right then, wait till Monday
  • Make a longer gameplay trailer for Steam and a shorter trailer with an exciting intro for social media
  • Messaging reddit mods before doing self-promo can help things go smoother
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