A rant about the games industry

I trusted initially, but given that the project is years delayed, and we’ve thrown out so much polished content, and we’re losing people right and left while we have a hiring freeze and are scaling back on all expenses, I’d say things are not working out fine.

I currently am taking on the work of 3 former colleagues that have left on top of my standard work. I have been passed over for a promotion to fill my lead’s position when they left. Many others just assumed I would get and were all out right shocked that I wasn’t promoted. At this point I don’t think they have any intention of filling the position of lead on our team. I think my trust has all been spent. I’m going to try to negotiate a raise for my remaining team members asking them to take my annual bonus and give it to them. If they do that, I’ll stick it out until the end of the project. If not, then I’ll leave as soon as I can get another job lined up.

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