"It's really difficult to turn profit on indie game dev"

I took animation classes from AnimSchool, I got my associate degree from it as well, I'm going back to animation school because I love it and I love game-development and I love the animation community as well that I will NEVER reject since it shares similar talent pool with game-development.

I have massive connection to animation artists and actual artists who I can asked for help and pay money as I developed my video-game and its not just one school I also took courses from Animation Mentor which isn't accredited like AnimSchool, the best part for me taking animation classes is because I'm learning the best type of animating styles that I can can implement into game-development since my views is heavily sided with doing my own 3D modelling, rigging, and animation which I can do by myself along with the other stuff such as sculpting, retopology, UV mapping, and texturing because of this I have rejected from using EpicGames' own MetaHuman that many people praise.

I do not recommend people doing my route if you believe going to animation school to learn proper rigging and animation then so be it. However, I also recommend another course which is Computer Science both are not wrong and you should really not ignore these two.

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