Just released my first game on Steam today - literally a dream come true - and you can too! Don't give up!

View 1 (Disagree with the problem is that it(Blueprint) can't be used in other field):
Blueprints is an easy way for many people to get into programming, and after you've learned a language or 2, many skills do transfer as it's mostly syntax and following the paradigms of a given area (crud app, react app, game programming, backend, or whatever). Lots of people have learned blueprint as their first ever programming language then found it easy to transfer to other languages since they developed the mindset.

View 2 (Agree with the problem is that it can't be used in other field, but so can't unreal C++):
I program in C++ in my day job and it's basically nothing whatsoever as how I program in Unreal Engine's C++. Back when I did C# in a day job and Unity as a hobby, again still very different programming paradigms. Completely different thought processes to solving problems So game programming isn't gonna be that directly useful in other fields anyway, regardless of language; BP or C++.

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