With John Carmack now completely leaving Meta and VR, do you see any future for Metas idea of VR?

I wasn't take back by alyx since boneworks had been out. It felt like a natural progression. It's the single game I can point to but the issue is that it still comes with all the issues of VR. Space, energy, eye strain. These things are real and maybe if those fundamental issues get solved I can see it becoming more mainstream. Right now the key reason people don't buy VR isn't price or games but requirements to entry.

The biggest one being built into the tech itself. Space. Ain't no one going to dedicate a room to video games that you must keep clear at all times. Even when you do then you have to have the energy and ability to play. Which ability also includes the lack of senses while in VR. You know what you can't do while in VR? Watch a baby sleep. You can't do any passive tasks. You can't be alert. This is an issue for most people.

I've you get pass those two financial barriers then maybe we can deal with the third. The platform is known very well for causing eye strain and motion sickness. That right there is 30% of the general population. Myopia is a major developing issue. It's not healthy to strap two small screens to your eyes and may never be perfectly healthy but maybe they can reduce the damage it does in some people to their eyes.

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