George Clooney Calls for Online Release of 'The Interview "That's the most important part. We cannot be told we can't see something by Kim Jong Un, of all f***ing people."

You are walking in the hood. There is no sound and you're alone and scared. By the hairs of your skin you spot him, (Kim Jong Un) He's spotted you! You've crossed his path! He gets on his mini motorcycle and accelerates toward you! He's on you! (Kim Jong Un) You can't find your own ass and you're losing your head He's right next to you now and there's a butt on his face, By god, there's butts everywhere!

Running through the night from Kim Jong Un He's coming for your rights, he's Kim Jong Un He gonna come and get you, North Korean Figure Head Kim Jong Un Living in the hood, he's Kim Jong Un Fucking with your goods, he's Kim Jong Un Stoping all the movies, actual tyrannical Kim Jong Un

Now its done, and the movies have been stopped, But your tired of being bossed around by fuck face As you speak silently with your upvotes Oh shit! In this instance, the solution Is tell him to go fuck himself, but your balls, No!!! They are too tiny! Cutting off your dick (Sony, Sony) Making pussylips (Sony, Sony) Now you've become the bitch Taking the bullshit from kim jong un Showing us his butt, he's kim jong un But he's denying it, he's kim jong un You better not anger him, cause no you've become a bitch of kim jong un Giving up the ass, to kim jong un Smelling all his gas, he's kim jong un Fucking with the movie industry, North Korean Figure Head kim jong un

You give up on your funny movie, looking like a bitch on the world stage You've paid your due, to Kim Jong Un...

WAIT, he isn't dead, Kim Jong Surprise! He's coming for spiderman, with serious guys He says give him to marvel, or your gonna cry But theaters can be a bitch too, our whole country is caving, to Kim Jong Un Imaginary Fight with Kim Jong Un Average Friday Night, For Kim Jong Un You try to appease a guy like Kim Jong Un You're gonna lose on your movie, taking the dick, from Kim Jong Un

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