Gimmick or useful?

Ridiculously simple but relevant question- I always use a syphon hose with a squeeze ball in the middle that creates the suction and starts the syphon for my gravel vacs/water changes. I recently moved, now the syphon does not work. Same tanks, same stands, and I am sure its not clogged. The only difference is I may have pushed the tanks slightly further back on the stands than they were before, but they are not any higher. I just ran into this problem this morning so I haven’t had time to go back and look at it (i had no time to spare this morning) My tanks are large, I don’t want to drain them and pull them forward to see if that’s the issue. Maybe I will see an easy fix when I get back home and have time to check, but has anyone else had this issue? How do you gravel vac if your tanks is too low or the angle is wrong and you cannot get a syphon going? Do you just stir up the substrate and scoop out water and replace it with fresh water? That seems inefficient and a good way to go through a lot of water dechlorinator. Any advice would be awesome.

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