Girl cancelled twice on date, how to proceed?

Specifically how? I've been involved in the community since 2007 and have watched it grown and the mindset change over time. It speaks volumes about your personality that you can not articulate your point of view nor contribute anything of value. Not everyone agrees with the way I conduct interactions and that's fine. But most of the guys on r/seduction are younger and lack experience. Hell, the top posts are something along the lines of 'I did an approach today'. Some of the best relationships I have had come from tacitly keeping a girl warm with social media/texting then finally meeting after weeks (sometimes a few months). I understand your point that neediness is not attractive but the way things are these days, there is a fine line between persistence and neediness. OP's last text was a bit butthurt, but with no other context, I'm going off what I can. If he keeps the lead warm, and they had a solid interaction, he will likely meet up with her.

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