Girl starts a fight and attacks a guy in class, gets destroyed.

So, you call me a misgynist when I am for the dude defending himself, but a sexist when I point out that, surprisingly, a man would have recieved a diferent take then a woman.

You are a misogynist. You just don't realise it. you are trying to make women the bad guys when the majority of them want equal rights for men just as much as you.

You throw around this idea that because I said "physical force to defend yourself" I mean that I can hit you as much as I like because I am stronger than you. No, if you start hitting me, I will push you off me, call for help, or do whatever it takes to get you away because you are ATTACKING me.

Past the age of around 8 - 9 I don't think I have ever hit someone with the intent of hurting them. I don't believe in violence. I was taught in school that the most successful underdogs in history succeeded through passive methods (Dr. Martin Luthur King Jr, and Mahatma Gandhi).

You are telling me that as soon as I am stronger then you, it gives you the right to retaliate against me, beat me. Whip me, and use tricks against me,

No. I don't understand WHERE you got this from. It seems like you are looking for sexism in my posts where there are none.

She got beat while on the floor to prevent further acts of bullying.

There are mounds of evidence to support that positive reinforcement is FAR more effective than negative reinforcement. Of course she should have been punished for it, but it should have been more in lines with:

From their parents: "We are disappointed in you."

^ that is a million times more effective than some random kid beating you up. If someone beats you up it just makes you bitter and angry. She will continue to bully after this. Assuming he didn't paralyse her that is.

YOU barged in on me explaining that I am glad and happy a victim stood up to its bully.

And I never once said you lacked compassion. This has nothing to do with compassion. I could say you have a lack of compassion towards the girl. You don't think she can change without having her head caved in. Who sounds like the barbarian now?

if she is already incapable of understanding the reasons why you should not bully in the first place, maybe the bruises will help her remember.

This is the dumbest fucking shit. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." Remember that.

Would also like to point out that I have never been beaten up particularly badly. I have never beaten someone up particularly badly. And before you say I come from a privileged place, I absolutely did not. There was at least a fight ever day in the secondary school I went to. Yet, I seem to know (more than you) than violence is wrong.

The one big thing is, I will never ever deny a victim the revenge of giving the bully exactly what it wants.

I think you must be still in school. I recently got out of school and the real world doesn't work like this. Bullies get their karmic justice when they drop out of education or end up with a shitty job at McDonalds. I never "got revenge" on the bullies in my school. Trust me, I know about them: I came out as gay when I was 14. You know what though? I didn't need revenge. I'm living a happy life away from home now and they are still back home drinking their asses off going nowhere with their life.

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