Girlfriend has been confused for a while but wants to stay with me

If you don't have feelings for him, and he's being very caring it's obvious it's a one-sided thing. No wonder there's no growth because you are not invested in that manner. Receiving care from someone is not the only reason you commit to a person. It's kind of selfish on your part, you're not doing him a favour. I think if this is the case, she should break up. And focus on herself for a while. It's not going to be easy, but delaying someone's ruin is worse. That's something I can say for sure. The boy is responsible for his own life's trajectory. And she needs not to take responsibility for it at all, but what she can do is be clear in her words if she is sure there are no deep, consistent feelings this side. Caring for someone is not enough. There's something more to being with someone. And by what you're saying that something is totally missing. It's toxic in a different manner.

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