Global warming is now slowing down the circulation of the oceans — with potentially dire consequences

Then no, not even close. And you still didn't establish a baseline.

Not quite sure what you are looking for. the AR4 report stated that they have most confidence in the prediction that temps will rise 0.8-1.1C in the next 200 years. They gave very low confidence (aka non existent) ratings to anything more serious or anything less serious.

That has nothing to do with the next couple centuries

I never said it did.

Even if it were, a 1 C increase over a 1 C increase isn't the same as a 1 C increase.

Did i say that? No, i didnt.

Again, look up "nonlinear systems".

I know what a nonlinear system is you patronising fuck.

No, only in the ways the evidence suggests we should be alarmed.

Except the evidence doesn't suggest we be alarmed. The more mild and realistic predictions of institutions such as the IPCC paint a picture to which we should respond, but losing our heads and crying alarmism will not help anything or anyone.

Good thing, then, that basically no one says this.

Except you, and people like you, have filled this thread with end-of-days type predictions and apocalypse-like talk about how its 'too late' to do anything.

Talk like that does not help.

Happens at least an order of magnitude less than idiocy on par with "it's cold today, therefore global warming is a lie"

Really? Greenpeace and other brainless idiots like them come out screaming about global warming at every notable event, whether it be slightly heavier rain than normal or a slight cold snap, or a slightly longer summer than normal (which is actually good for plants and animals....) etc etc.

This... isn't true at all.

With the possible exception of ocean-related impacts, the following have very little to do with 'global warming':

Desertification: Mostly, if not entirely, caused by human effects. Overgrazing and generally terrible agricultural and irrigation related management, bad land management, deforestation. In Africa, the Green Belt that has been built across the Sahel region has halted desertification in its tracks (and helped local wildlife massively, as well as attracted more rainfall). It has even reversed desertification in some places.

Deforestation and Habitat Destruction: Entirely human causes. It is also at its lowest level since records began, with secondary growth going through the roof (which will eventually become no different in any way to Primary growth in about 40-50 years). Related: Species conservation is seeing success in almost all species. And many species have stabilised thanks to a rapidly slowing rate of deforestation/habitat destruction.

Deforestation in the Amazon, for example, is at less than 1500 square km and still dropping sharply.

Water Strain/Usage: Again, entirely human caused by a combination of far, far too many people living in arid or desert conditions (like in the US South West) as well as deforestation (which means less precipitation attraction and less water retention, higher soil erosion etc).

And so on and so forth.

I am not saying we should get complacent. I'm not saying we should do nothing. But running around crying 'DOOMSDAY!' all over the place does not help anything, and this doomsday talk overshadows all the good news.

I know this because I donate large amounts to various charities and groups that analyse, monitor and protect various parts of the Earth ecosystems. I also donate to technology funds that help drive the advancement of various fantastic technologies that will help solve many of our issues very quickly.

Things are not as dire as many believe.

Except climate change exacerbates desertification issues and droughts in many places. So it directly contributes to, and can potentially cause, desertification.

It may have some effect, a very small amount, but the overwhelmingly major drive is direct human action, which many nations and groups are putting right.

Which contributes to climate change. It's part of climate change, so pretending it has nothing to do with it is somewhere between idiotic and insane.

And deforestation is at its lowest for decades, and regrowth is increasing at a fantastic pace. It wont be a problem for much longer.

Try actually reading the IPCC reports, rather than... well, it looks like you might have read a few quotes, and then basically made up a summary, so... that?

Nice assumptions. Too bad they are wrong.

Well, that would be a horrible misrepresentation of AR4, so I see why no one says this.

And your interpretation that it means we're all going to die is much better? By the way, its not a misrepresentation.

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