How do you feel about TheRedPill and similar conceivably-misogynistic attitudes? Furthermore, how do you choose to deal with them?

Maybe it's my ability to read the material without becoming emotionally involved but I'm not bothered by it. I read through all their sidebar material and think I truly understand redpill theory. According to them the angry neckbeard, misogynistic rants are an anger/grieving phase at understanding and accepting the true nature of human sexual strategy instead of the nice fairytale they have been taught thanks to 3rd wave feminism. It's very interesting reading and I would challenge anyone to actually go read the materials before the posts from users who are still struggling to understand the basics. I guess I already outed myself so what the hell and bye bye to this account but I am female and applying redpill theory has saved my relationship and I know others personally who have saved their marriages. I've also been coaching my sister who's relationship is starting to improve.

Speaking to the manipulative part, it's something that everyone knows but it's just not proper to talk about it. There's a natural push-pull dynamic between men and women. As an INTJ I don't think I fall victim to blatant manipulation because I can clearly see right through it every time but I'm very fascinated by the dynamic. Anyone who understands the theory will know that in the post you reference they are telling the guy to not get comfortable. Most women are physically attracted to different qualities in men than what they seek in a relationship partner. Same for men. Those crazy hot women who sleep around a lot are probably not the ones that you want to mother your future children, you know this but will never say it out loud. The men in the post are cautioning him that he has changed in her eyes from ideals of sexual attraction to the relationship provider. They say that after this transition a natural decline in attraction follows which will result her moving on to another partner that she finds attractive.

If you look at this from a standpoint of human mating behavior and sexual strategy it makes a whole lot of sense. Also I'm not bothered by some men hating women. I know plenty of women that hate men too.

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