Got dumped today. Could use some advice....or just a virtual hug.

Hey, this is my first post here and I think it's time to share my opinions, not advice because every break-up is different and I can only tell you what I did.

Four years ago I fell in love with this wonderful girl, I was 18 she was 16. After a while of dating we started a relationship, she was my first love and I had the time of my life, maybe unknowingly. We went to Japan together in the summer of 2013 (she has family there) and thats where I realised that she was the girl for me. She knew all my secrets, I held nothing back, she knew me through and through and I felt so secure with her, and at that time she did too with me I think. Everyone we knew said how good of a couple we were and how they wished to have something like we did. She was(is) the most sweetest person on earth and we had this connection that was so strong.

I spent the best years of my adolescent life with her (18-22) and this september she decided to break it off. It crushed me. I thought that she needed some time and space and because we were togheter for 3,5 years, I thought she needed some time to be alone and not see 'us' as something written in stone etc... Two months later she was with another guy, I'm not gonna lie, those were the hardest months of my life.

I think the best part to get over her/him is to forget her now, but cherish the memories and the person she/he were. I don't think she is the same person anymore. But when I see her with her boyfriend my heart just ruptures. I would like nothing more just to be able to speak to her again, but I just say hey and I can't even look her in the eyes anymore. There was a strong hatred for her at first, but I dont want to live with hatred for the girl who gave me all these beautiful memories. And even though its seven months after the breakup I still think about her everyday and its something that lurks beneath the surface. But you got to classify the memories and move on. Maybe you'll come across someone who can give you the very same feelings or even stronger. I'm hoping I can meet someone like her again.

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