I got laughed at for ordering a skinny cappuccino.

I had something similar happen to me once. I was checking out at CVS and I threw some gum on to my purchase, the cashier told me they were having a special and I could get another small item for X amount off. So I grab a small (4 piece ) chocolate box sampler and put it on the checkout. The guy behind me and older (mid 60s) ugly man with a beer belly told me I had “made the wrong choice” with my purchase. At this point me, the cashier and the man behind the rude man are all watching this. I said “excuse me?” and at that point he proceeds to look me up and down and says “you’re making the wrong choice you don’t need it.” I was so mortified I couldn’t even say anything. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough I was so embarrassed. Honestly it ruined my day I went straight home and cried a bit. I thought about it for weeks after that too. Pushing myself in the gym harder. I’m F/26 about 5’8 and 165 pounds and consider myself pretty athletic. That happened to me a couple years ago but now I think what a loser he was to comment on a strangers random purchase at cvs. Don’t waste your precious time giving it a second thought! They’re always going to be people who judge something you do even if they have no business judging anyone. Maybe they’re jealous of you, maybe they’re self conscious, who really knows just Keep moving forward!

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