I gotta be honest you guys are scaring the shit out of me

Mine just turned 8 weeks.. and I LOVE having twins. I spent most of my pregnancy being terrified and anxious about what it would be like and so far it hasn't been what I expected.

-I love being able to snuggle both of them in my lap. -I love that they have each other to snuggle when I need a break. -I love listening to their little baby grunts in unison. -I love that when I pack a diaper bag I don't necessarily need two of everything because their needs are pretty interchangeable at this point. -I love that their older sisters can each hold a baby. -I love that it just makes people's day to see twins in public. -I love that they'll always have a friend. -I love feeling like my body had super powers to create these two beautiful babies at once. -I love meeting other people who are or have had twins. I feel so much support from this hidden society! They come out of the woodwork wherever we go and it's so freaking cool. Friday I met an identical twin who grew up in China and she was telling me she was the only kid growing up with a sibling and how special that was.

I am really really tired these days. Caring for them is a lot of work. Pregnancy was HARD... but really, this is experience is so rare and special. I still wake up regularly and feel amazed that these little guys are mine.

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