Need some help from fellow twin mums or dads.

Twin b had a blood flow issue for three weeks and they monitored her brain blood flow. As soon as her brain blood vessels dilated, they put me in for emergency induction and eventually led to an emergency c section. We were at 33 weeks and 2 days.

If you are already at the 8 month mark it's a lot easier in the preemie realm. You may have to do NICU time, but their lungs and other organs should be more than developed enough.

I know it's scary and you want to hear good stories, but I wish someone had told me some realistic stories of what could happen, and how to deal with it.

The only thing I can advise is if they suggest that it would be a good idea to induce, do it, and get an epidural just in case you do have to get an emergency contact section.

One bit of warning though after being in labor for a really long time can increase your chances of hemorrhaging, so say yes to a transfusion.

They just had their first birthday and even though there were some complications with twin b they are both learning to walk and babbling and keeping my life completely hectic now.

I know you're worried and that's what already makes you a great mom, just take each day one at a time, and hope that everything will be fine, but prepare for the possibility that it might be sooner and more complicated than expected.

Good luck :)

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