I can't keep having this conversation, so I'm copying my comment from elsewhere in this post:

LMAO dude, it was a bad scene. Like.... Women should be the most upset. You're giving a speech on the hardships of womanhood in this society, and your two examples are catcalling and being mansplained by a man in your area of expertise.... Like.... What? It sounds like you have a fucking amazing life. 1) you're young enough and attractive enough to be catcalled. 2) you have an area of expertise. (Btw, it's incredibly narcissistic to believe that no one can teach you anything more about your area, especially if they're a man)

Like it just DRIPS with privilege and tone deafness. Some rich lawyer complaining about her great life? What about the fat, middle age mom with a slob for a husband who has to work a 9-5 just to make ends meet? Do you think if she was listing why she was mad she would say catcalling and being lectured in her area of expertise? Jennifer Walters does not have problems that are universal for women, she has problem that rich, white women with liberal arts degrees have.

And then saying it to Bruce fucking Banner of all people who has probably had the worst life of any major mcu character.

The writing in this scene was so bad it took me out of the show.

Also, she yells in the scene, weird directing choice if you ask me.

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