Gym Story Saturday

You know, if you want to laugh at someone at the gym don't make eye contact first. It hurts you don't know everyone's story and if they are there they are trying to improve.

I was a new years person this year. I say this year because I used to be in great shape, worked out religiously in the past. Played water polo, swam, and lifted.

Shit happend in real life , I was in college and my mom got diagnosed with cancer. I am and always will be a mommas boy. Unforutnaley things never got better for her. I coped by setting everything of anything. Kept my high calorie intake from swimming but stopped working out. I went from 185 to 255 and I'm 6 ft 3. I've started and stopped again since then lost some weight gained some weight.

I've been continuing since January to go to the gym and swim, lift, and run 5 days a week now. I changed my diet to a healthy one and I now live a healthy life style like I use to.

Its a struggle going from in shape to obese to attempting yo get back in shape. I'm down to 217 lbs. I don't always have time to hit the gym like I want to because of work but I go any day I don't work over 9 hours. I have never had this happen or frankly seen it happen ever. I got laughed at after I got up from bench because of how little I was doing. My headphones slid off my head when I got up so I could stand and I heard "only 65lbs and he is struggling " queue the laughter. This didn't come from the big jacked guys, they have always been really encouraging to me at my gym. It came from a 2 women, 1 of them an employee at the gym. It was the most crushing thing I have ever experienced anywhere. I had to leave and go sit in the shower because of how sad I was after. There was no need to say that infront of me even if you didn't think I could hear. Do that in private away from everyone its rude and mean.

Tldr: I'm beating a dead horse in this sub, but please just be nice to people at the gym. Small things you do or say can really crush someone who was previously feeling really confident and good about himself.

I used a throwaway because I'm really embarrassed and friends know my real one.( formatting sucks I'm on a phone)

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