Had a job offer today, I declined because of their actions.

Companies that can’t treat a candidate decently drive me nuts. Finding my first job out of college one company I interviewed with was a complete mess. First round of interviews they were 30 mins later than when they told me to arrive (seemed like a genuine mistake, let that go). About a week after that I get declined through an automatic email, only to get invited to the final round of interviews a week after that. Then for the final round of interviews they asked candidates to complete a set of engineering challenges and a 30min presentation about the solutions, and I had 5 days ish to do it with 3 exams as well. I get it done and the morning of the interview, the recruiter says oops I sent you the wrong challenges, can you do these instead and we will reschedule for next week. Here’s where I wish I could say I backed out but I did not, I was in final round interviews with 4 other companies so I really should’ve. Now I had to spend the start of my spring break doing their new challenge and take the interview in my car because I was in the middle of nowhere on an athletic training trip now with the reschedule. After doing all that, their HR team was unresponsive as I told them I had other offer deadlines and ultimately declined me a few weeks later. I’ve been meaning to leave a review of this on indeed but haven’t gotten to it. Really wanted to work for them at the time but glad I dodged that bullet, I love the job I got instead.

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