MIL is convinced she has custody of my partners brother(13m) and kidnapped him from his dad. Next steps??

Haha I really appreciate the dis thanks actually no it’s all about me and my family is so normal it’s sickening and I always talk to the 13 year old about how his moms abusive actually so wow I didn’t know that. I really think your right sorry actually also my partner is a legal guardian and we had to take care of little brother for a whole week while his dad twiddled his thumbs after his mom kicked out her 13 year old like he has their whole life and when his lawyer finally said you better go get your fucking kid he did something. When I lived with them I made the meals and did the school and played with him from when he was 11. And we had to take him to the hospital when he had the flu and a fever of 105 because his mom was only force feeding him ivermectin instead of actually helping him. I actually called cps to try and get him away from her as my partner and dad asked me to do because they didn’t want a male voice on the end of the phone. I am involved I have no choice. Yes this isn’t about me I want help wtf I want my partners brother to believe him when he says “no dad has custody mom is lying” because I’m not his sister I’m his brothers gf I am trying to get people to take me seriously so I can get some real advice. No one is proactive and I have been put in the hot seat they are asking me to do these things and have been for years. I do it because I love them not for my own mental health I didn’t live In that fucking house for myself WE lived there to protect my partners little brother until it became to dangerous for us and we were forced to move out. And I would do it again a million times

I have never talked about this with anyone I just put that down but my family has their issues they do a lot of the same stuff minus physical abuse but as you said this isnt about me I’m here to get support because I can’t talk about this with my partner or my family or anyone This is why my therapist tells me not to post on Reddit

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