Had a “this is not disciplinary, we just want to help you” meeting yesterday with HR and my boss’s boss. I’ve been speaking very bluntly and publicly about pay raises lately. And they’re concerned about my “reputation” in the company and they’re worried I’m “becoming disruptive”.

I had a banner year in sales for a company owned by two brothers. They moved from 14th franchise office in the nation to #3. I got a small plaque. I asked for a modest increase in my base or modifications to my commission plan. I came in one weekend to put in extra work and saw a signed offer letter for my replacement to start in two weeks. I immediately started job hunting. While I was interviewing I kept a resignation letter on hand. Every morning I printed a new one with that days date on it and put it in s sealed envelope I kept with me. I found a job. That week they came to me with my final checks and notice I was let go. As soon as they started to tell me I handed them my sealed resignation letter and said. “What’s coincidence gentlemen. I was just about to give you this.” The looks on their faces was priceless.

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