Halo 5: Guardians discussion and hype thread!

I really enjoyed the beta. It was alot of fun. Here are my thoughts. I may seem like I'm being too critical, but I am just trying to be thorough. I kinda feel like there should be a short, skippable tutorial. There were a few new elements that I didn't figure out about until later on in my playtime. I didn't know how to clamber, so I was jumping around trying to get the Prophets Bane looking like a fool. The Prophets Bane needs to be smaller and darker. It's so large and bright, it seems to take up half of my screen. I would really appreciate it if I could cancel Smart Scope by initiating a sprint. That would be nice. Ground Pound should be stronger. I've pounded on Spartans within very close proximity and that didn't seem to do any damage. Perhaps it should just be removed. It seems useless at this point. I think the red cranes on Empire needs to have a different color. I see them moving, and they look like a red player. And also the red lights on the perches on midship I think should be changed. I also thought that it was a red player at first glance. In previous Halos, you could hold down the zoom button the second time you zoomed in with the sniper rifle and when you would let go, it would go back to the first zoom. This seems to be absent, and I really hope it is brought back. It is very useful. I really like the beep the sniper makes when your reticule is over someone, but I feel like it would be better if it only beeped when you're aiming at their head. I really like hover. Hover seems to be very useful. It has helped me kill fleeing enemies on multiple occasions. But I feel like maybe it shouldn't automatically hover you when you use Smart Scope. I can imagine a situation where you'd want to quickly pop up from behind cover and shoot someone with the sniper then go back down. In order to go back down quickly, you'd have to zoom out. I think Spartan Charge should be more accurate. There have been many times when I was running at someone and wanted to melee them when the Spartan Charge activated and I completely missed. If it had been a normal melee, I would have hit my target. I also don't like how long it takes to recover from a Spartan Charge. If I miss because of the Spartan Charges inaccuracy, I shouldn't be punished by not being able to move for a bit. I wish there were a time limit showing when you will respawn. I also don't like the weird music that plays when you are waiting to respawn. It's distracting. The killcam is alright, but I have two things to say about it. One, you should be able to activate the killcam as opposed to it automatically starting. I'd like to see whether or not they picked up my weapon. Two, I think the killcam footage should start earlier. It starts about a second before you die, I think it should start maybe around five seconds before you died. I also hate how if you skip the killcam, it turns black and seems to freeze. I would like to be able to move around with the scoreboard up. And also I'd like to bring up the scoreboard at the beginning and ending of the match and when I die. There is an inconsistency with the match finding time. Some times it take forever to find one more person for the match to start. Sometimes it's faster to back out, then start a new search. Glitches. For some reason, my armor has turned pink in the customization page. I suppose it doesn't really matter because I can't show off my color anyhow, but it is odd. Even when switching to a different color, it stays pink. I've noticed that sometimes, a player's gamertag shows up in two slots when looking for a match. I wish the UI were faster. When clicking someone on the roster to mute them, Only the second click down registers. This is the same case in Halo: MCC. I also really hate the beep sound it makes when I exit a player's profile. It sounds like the exact same beep previous Halos have used when the countdown has reached zero and the match is starting. It makes me think that a match is about to start. The medals. I don't really have too much of an opinion on medals. A lot or a little, I don't care all that much. But one medal that I really like, is the Last Shot medal. Getting a kill with the last bullet in your magazine. I've gotten it a couple of times and I really enjoy it. Like others, I believe the announcements should be toned down. I find the Double Kill announcement to be really annoying. I think that should be recorded again. And I don't need an announcement when I get an assassanation. Also, there doesn't need to be a full sentence at the start of that match telling me how to play. Also, I really hope that custom button mapping comes. One thing I've really hated about MCC is playing through the first three campaigns to get to the fourth and all of a sudden there are different abilities so I have to change my layout! Some of the Spartan callouts are useless. Oh you picked up a DMR? Thanks for telling me. But I also like some of the other things they call out. Lastly. This doesn't have to to with the Beta, but I really hope that they will be able to bring four player splitscreen to Halo 5. I'll be getting three new controllers so I can play with my siblings on MCC and it would really suck if I couldn't do that in Halo 5.

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