Harassed, even though I’m acting as ’neurotipcally’ as possible?

Bullies (people who harass others) want one thing.


They either feel powerless in a situation so they seek control elsewhere. Or they just want to feel powerful.

There's another term to describe them: Assholes.

They have targeted you because they think you are weak and they have perceived that you crave acceptance and belonging. They are seeking to use those natural human things against you.

They seek to take those away from you so they can feel powerful. They want to become the ones who control you.

They are narcissists. (Look it up this term, it will be very helpful to you.)

And unfortunately people with this personality type thrive in a school environment because their is very few in position of authority to stop them.

The best thing you can do is take back your power by doing the following:

  1. Have the resolution that your value does no lie in other people's opinions of you. You do not need their acceptance to be a person of value. You were born with the right to exist and that is enough. They are the problem, not you.

  2. Report them for harassment to a person of authority. (Try to do so discreetly.) Unfortunately this may or may not help stop it, but it will at least get your voice heard and puts you in a position where if you defend yourself, you have a case that works for your benefit.

  3. Try to record the harassment as hard evidence using your phone discreetly if the harassment or assault (punch in the face) is done to you or others, so when you report them you are believed. Hard evidence means that it's not just your voice against theirs, it's unbiased facts against opinion. (It can be audio or video.)

Multiple recordings of different times they have harassed people will also help build a case against them.

  1. Learn self defense tactics including handling verbal abuse. You can look these up online and on YouTube. Specifically at handling the narcissist personality type.

  2. Learn how not to be afraid of them. You do this through realizing that they are nothing without you. They need your power to exist. You don't need their attention, but they need yours.

Don't give it to them. Do not let their manipulation and fear tactics define you. YOU DO NOT NEED THEIR APPROVAL.

  1. Always put your safety and well-being first. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU BEING SAFE.

Lastly, speak to trustworthy adults about the problem to raise awareness. This could include your parents and teachers.

I hope this answers your questions and provides insight into what I believe is happening in your situation.

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