Turkey fired on U.S. special forces in Syria. It's absurd that it still has U.S. nukes.

Well.. first, let me tell you that this is bad reporting.

  1. They are gravity bombs. Turkey doesnt have planes capable of using them and the US views them a 50 junk. An apt analogy would be a Fairline on cinder blocks. We never upgraded them to current spec.

  2. They are a symbol of our alliance with Turkey. Removing them signals an end of that alliance.

  3. Moving them isnt that easy. Its not like we can pile them all in the back of a plane and gumby slide out. There are very few aircraft certified; they are specially modified C-17s. And they can carry 2 per load maximum. So you're going to need to make 25 flights or bring in 25 planes because there 50 of these devices.

  4. Air to air refueling is prohibited when transporting nukes, so youre going to have to land in Europe to refuel becfore flying across the Atlantic. Can you guess how many countries would allow a bunch of cargo planes full of nuclear weapons land at their airports much less fly in their air space? None.

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