Heavenly Holographic Harpsichord - Weekly Discussion Thread, Oct 10th, 2022

I'm not sure what the rules are on membership stream content here but I think it's important because it seems like Alban and Altare are getting all the credit for these collabs: It sounds like Selen and Ollie had a big hand in finally breaking down the Berlin Wall and I wouldn't be surprised if Kiara and Pomu also had a hand. The HoloNiji collabs have been in the works for months probably before Tempus even debuted. The people who were working on it decided not to talk about it while they were trying to get it in fear that it would collapse in the middle of talks. It does sound like a situation of BOTH companies just needing to come together and put in the work to figure out the logistics.

Alban and Altare did not know they were in the works already so it kind of sounds like by the time they came to their managers it was already close to being done. By the time they had announced their Terraria stream they seemingly did not know about any other collabs hence they thought they were the only ones. I say all this not to downplay the work that Alban and Altare's managers might have done or say that they're taking all the credit but I do think it's important to give credit to the appropriate people

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