suicide? Instant ticket to hell?

This is a very difficult topic to tackle, but I feel prompted to challenge your argument as it's just plainly incorrect. Pardon my bluntness.

Is your body not meant to be a temple for the Spirit of God? and therefore, if you truly are in Christ Jesus, is he not in you and you are killing him off with you? is that not the same as the unforgivable Sin? and if he is not in you then you were not saved in the first place/ Surely the fruits of someone who is saved does not result in suicide. Not even Job contemplated suicide, but rather wished he had never been born by God's choice to suffer.

Did not Jesus say "let the dead bury themselves?", how then can a dead person repent?. Suicide is turning your back on God and destroying his creation. I think that just because scripture does not directly address an issue, it doesn't mean we can't deduce the obvious answer: that which was not meant to be in God's creation and our nature is Sin. One at least can repent of murder, but surely suicide is the ultimate dump on God's plan.

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