[Help] any tweak for cloning the apps like whatsapp, instagram?

You can do it yourself using Filza.

I’m going to be using the Telegram app as an example, but it should work for most anything.

Navigate to /var/containers/Bundle/Application/Telegram, and copy Telegram.app folder to somewhere safe. I usually use /var/mobile/Downloads

Once it’s in a safe folder, go into the .app folder and look for info.plist. Tap on this, and change the item called CFBundleIdentifier to something else. Maybe add something at the end.

For example, the original BundleID for Telegram is: “ph.telegra.Telegraph”, which I changed to “ph.telegra.Telegraph2”.

You can also change CFBundleName if you want to, though it’s not a must. This will change the name on the springboard.

Once done with that info.plist, save the file. Now, in the .app folder, look for a Plugins folder. In there you’ll see a few different subfolders. In each of those is its own info.plist.

If any of the CFBundleIdentifier strings in any of those plists matches what the original info.plist had, change it to what you changed the original to. This is essential. Note that if you changed the CFBundleName above, you’ll need to do the same here for that as well.

For example, any info.plist that had CFBundleIdentifier as ph.telegra.Telegraph, I changed it to ph.telegra.Telegraph2.

The next thing you need to do is remove the watch components. Go back to the main .app folder, and look for 2 subfolders. One will be called “Watch”, and the other will be something like “com.apple.WatchPlaceholder”.

Once you’ve found both of the above subfolders, delete them entirely. Once that’s done, you’re almost finished.

Navigate back to the /var/mobile/Downloads folder (or whichever you chose as your safe folder) and create a new folder called “Payload”.

Move the newly modified .app folder into this Payload folder, so that the directory structure looks something like this: /var/mobile/Downloads/Payload/Telegram.app

Once done, simply zip the Payload folder in Filza.

Once the folder has been zipped, rename the new zip file to whatever you want, but with the ipa extension. For example, in mine I renamed Payload.zip to Telegram2.ipa.

After this is done, tap on the ipa and the package info should come up and reflect the changes you’ve made. When you’re ready, hit install. Note that you will need AppSync Unified for this to install in Filza. If you don’t have or want it, install using reprovision or altstore.

That should be that, using this I now have 2 fully functional versions of Telegram.

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