help me find leaks

Some issues with your question. You are assuming that by others looking at their stats you can see what is an ideal number. Poker has many different forms of play style and skilled players obv increase the number of hands as they get better because their edge over villain grows allowing them to increase such number. Also your stats should reflect the games that you play in as well. Example if someone is only 3betting you with AA and KK are you still going to defend at an "Optimal Frequency" doesn't sound profitable just an extreme example to show a simple point. That being said i can look at these and tell you anything that would stand out to me. As stated PFR and VPip are on the low side. 24/21 would be closer to better but again depending on games. Your overall 3betting is very low. If you study winning players peak winrates with 3betting are found between 8-12%(Ref 4cheezy and Alan Jackson database studies) most likely not 3betting enough from the blinds or btn vs co. You will never get value 4betting because you essentially only do it with AA and KK so anytime you 4bet me i will snap fold most of my range. Cbet falls into the games you are playing if you are playing on bovada 50-55% is probally fine but if you are playing on stars you want something closer to 68%. This goes along side with what i said before letting the games dictate your stats and making adjustments vs player types but i do not think you are anywhere near operating on such a dynamic level looking on the surface. You most likely have deep leaks in every situation from preflop opening ranges, blind defense, overall 3betting theory, and post flop play including but not limited to 2 street bluffing and river value betting. Also your fold to cbet is ridiculously high 60% i can cbet essentially any board against you and make a profit and only bet for value/semi equity on the turn as your range is much stronger. Your SD stats are not terrible but would need to analyze it more in depth and like i said the sample is small. Hope this helps.

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