Help, please -- 9M husky behavioural issues

It's not new, and he has recently been to the vet. I did the cooperative care process when I first got him, for over a year. The issue is not that it's a negative experience for him, the issue is that he seems to believe that he should get to dictate the rules. Usually, whatever -- I don't care if I only get half way through brushing him before he wants to be done. I do care that he goes potty outside, when I need him to, and I know he needs to.

He went without a reward for four hours yesterday, because that's how long he refused to go potty after I got home from work. He didn't go potty or do anything to earn the reward, hence no reward. I do not withhold his dinner, but I did feed him outside last night.

He gets a minimum 1H walk every day, and approx. 1H of play/train every other day, and a weekly 3h+ hike. He is well taken care of.

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