Her workplace shares a parking lot with Starbucks, Manhattan Bagel, Target, BJ's and Applebees.

you're not treating her like you would anybody else

The thing is that you don't actually treat anyone you're familar with like you do anyone else. I get that a lot of this seduction/redpill stuff is really more about self-improvement than anything else. Sex is the carrot. But, the problem I see with it is that it encourages overthinking everything and plotting to try to avoid the rough, real parts of life. How you perform socially becomes a matter of success or failure. What is the prize a woman to fuck that poses you no emotional risk? To each their own, but that sounds pretty boring to me. I dunno, it's one thing to read a few books and reconsider your approach to relationships. But, I think when you start getting involved in a group and swaping stories, it takes on a life of it's own and stops being just another tool. Sex and relationships our own individual fucked up way of dealing with them is complex and difficult to communicate. But, the whole group experience is about finding common experiences, so you look for and find them, but it's mostly confirmation bias and now you're comparing your experiences to something that is probably not what you think it is. Better off finding a new interest to help improve yourself. I believe it's natural that we want our personal transformation to be inspired by a single source or single event, but I don't think it usually works out that way. Yet I think we're better off when it doesn't. Then there's nothing to be indebted to or dependent on, as well as nothing to take credit for your success.

Eh, I don't know why I'm ranting about this. I just can get that those groups aren't all bad and not what people seem, but I also think they are toxic environments split between some of the real shitstains humanity has to offer and very decent, vunerable guys just looking to feel better about themselves and how they interact with people.

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