Hit the wall of a grocery store when I accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of brakes

As someone with a lot of driving experience is over a dozen kinds of vehicle my tip is; practice and take it seriously, there are a few kinds of drivers out there, there's the ones who think it's a status symbol, the ones who think it's a lounge room, and the ones who think it's a right, then there's the ones who treat it like a responsibility.

Driving on the open road my responsibility is to every other driver, just as theirs is to me, by following the traffic guidelines and obeying correct or safe manoeuvres, the operative word being "or" because correct isn't always necessarily safe. Always be aware of your surroundings and despite LL Cool J in the next lane with his techno thumping and kicking back like he's playing playstation, it isn't a game and you're not in your lounge room.

Now for some advanced learning I would suggest you have a look at some defensive driving courses and even consider looking at doing some enthusiast level racing, around here I got into it racing dirt stocks, which around here are just normal cars with a $700 race fit out, I entered my first with $2K from a tax return for fun, ended up getting sucked in and raced for 5 years in dirt and street stocks as well as v8 dirt modified. Even just taking your own every day drive for a couple of laps on a track day to push it in some more controlled conditions can help you get a good idea of how to cope with and react to the cars behaviour.

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